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Catching Up with Christopher Silas Neal

December 7, 2017

I've been hosting a children's book podcast for nearly 5 years (and over 400 episodes). I think about past guests often and wonder what new things they're working on.


Today I'm catching up with author and illustrator Christopher Silas Neal. 

Podcast Bunny meets Cat.


Christopher joined me in May of 2016 to share Everyone..., his debut picture book as both author and illustrator. You can listen to our conversation HERE.

I invited Christopher to answer my questions below. Chris's answers are in blue. Join us as we catch up!


Hi Chris! When you were on the last podcast your newest book at the time was Everyone.... What's new since we last talked?


Hi Matthew! I have another picture book out that I wrote and illustrated called I Won't Eat That.

It's about a hungry cat (based on my own orange tabby) who is super hungry but doesn't want to eat cat food because it's dry and dull and he feels he deserves better. But he hasn't the slightest clue what to eat. So he seeks advice from an assortment of wild animals. Of course he finds their foods utterly disgusting. So, I've been celebrating this book and working hard in the studio illustrating a number of books that will come out over the next couple of seasons.



Finish the sentence: This past year has been...


Humbling. From raising kids, to making books, to learning to surf, I've had a lot of opportunities to learn patience and accept my own limitations. But no matter what, you have to get back up and try again. That's the important part.



What’s filling you with wonder these days?


My two boys. I love seeing the world through their eyes—so curious and in the moment. Though I also wonder how they could possibly have so much energy at 5am after having been up several times at night. Yep, lots of "wonder" over here.


It's great to catch up with you, Chris! Congratulations on I Won't Eat That, which is both beautifully illustrated a hilarious. We've read it together in our house several times and I always love the cat's interest with trying something new, which always seems to be met with the cat expressing pickier and pickier preferences. Such a fun read!


Here's a peak at some of the pages from I Won't Eat That, which is currently available wherever books are sold.


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