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LADYBUG GIRL (Podcast Bunny Presents #8)

April 2, 2018

Hi folks! We're back with another Podcast Bunny Presents!


To those new the series, I do a lot of interviews for the Children's Book Podcast and ever since joining the team Podcast Bunny has been really excited to host some interviews of his own. It turns out he's been making friends with all sorts of wonderful main characters in his favorite picture books. Podcast Bunny conducts the interviews himself and I post them here each Monday for everyone to enjoy. You can read all of Podcast Bunny's interviews HERE.


We hope you enjoy!


Podcast Bunny Presents #8: An Interview with Lulu of the LADYBUG GIRL series by David Soman and Jacky Davis


PODCAST BUNNY: Hi Lulu! Thanks for inviting me over!


LULU: Hello, Podcast Bunny, Welcome. Would you like some tea?


PODCAST BUNNY: I'd love some. Thank you! So is this your neighborhood? It looks like there are lots and lots of friendly people that live here?


LULU: Yes, I have a lot of friendly neighbors! And good sidewalks to walk on and mailboxes for Bingo to smell.


PODCAST BUNNY: You have a really great nickname: Ladybug Girl! How did you get that name?

LULU: I really love ladybugs, also bumblebees, butterflies, dragonflies and grasshoppers, and being outside around trees and flowers. I become Ladybug Girl when I want to feel big and strong. Sometimes it’s hard to be little.


PODCAST BUNNY: I love your outfit. Where did you get it?


LULU: Thank you! I like to play dress-up. I chose these boots so I can stomp around in the mud, and my tutu is easy for me to run, climb and dance in. My wings are for flying, of course, and I think my antenna completes the outfit.


PODCAST BUNNY: Oh! And it's so nice to finally meet Bingo! What kind of dog is he and how long has he been in your family?

LULU: Bingo is a basset hound. He’s been my dog since I was a little baby. He was only a puppy then. I’ve always love to pet his long, soft ears. I have to be careful not to get in the way of his wagging tail because it’s very powerful.


PODCAST BUNNY: I've read lots and lots of stories about you, which is not something I usually say to friends I'm interviewing, but in one I read recently you and Bingo met a whole lot of new friends while you were at the market with your mom. Can you tell me in your own words about what made that day (and the ones following) special?

LULU: Yes! We had an amazing day at the farmer’s market. We met a lot of dogs that didn’t have homes, and I wanted to take all of them home with me, but I realized Bingo wouldn’t like that. I asked what I could do to help the dogs, and with my Bug Squad friends, Finney and Sam, we took care of them by giving them water and brushing and playing with them.


PODCAST BUNNY: I admire you for always wanting to help people (and animals). Why do you think you like helping others so much?


LULU: I want to make a difference in the world, and sometimes when you are little you feel like you don’t have much power, but we all do.

PODCAST BUNNY: You'd had lots and lots of adventures and I know you've learned a lot along the way. Do you have any tips for kids that want to be heroes?


LULU: Everyone is capable of big things! We can do a lot to help each other and ourselves when we imagine what is possible.


PODCAST BUNNY: So... back to the puppies! Did you see any of them again at the market after the day when you and the Bug Squad were helping out?


LULU: We were able to help get a dog named Ruby adopted by organizing a pet parade. That felt really good, and the next week we came back to help some more. Another dog had been adopted that week. His name is Pico, and he was taken home by a lucky family! I want to help all the dogs find their forever homes.


PODCAST BUNNY: That Adopt-A-Pet Parade was a pretty great idea! How did you get all of the dogs to follow you around the park?


LULU: The dogs loved being in the parade. I could tell they were happy because their tails were wagging, and they were smiling too. Dogs do smile! We rewarded them for listening with treats. And that made them even happier!


PODCAST BUNNY: Amazing. Wait! Lulu? Do you have a favorite kind of dog?


LULU: Bingo is my favorite kind of dog. But I like all kinds of nice dogs, big and small.


PODCAST BUNNY: Okay, just a few more quick questions before I go. How old are you?


LULU: I’m four years old.

PODCAST BUNNY: Do you go to school?


LULU: Not yet, but I will soon!


PODCAST BUNNY: What's your favorite food?


LULU: I like waffles. And blueberries.


PODCAST BUNNY: Who's your best friend?


LULU: Sam and Finney, also known as Bumblebee Boy and Grasshopper Girl, are my best friends. And Bingo, who is known just as Bingo, is my best friend too!


PODCAST BUNNY: Can I come over again some time soon?

LULU: Yes, please! When?


PODCAST BUNNY: Maybe next Saturday? What should we do next time I visit?


LULU: We should play explorers and look for unicorns in the forest.


PODCAST BUNNY: That sound AMAZING! Thanks for letting me come over, Lulu! Please tell Bingo and Grasshopper Girl and Bumblebee Boy I said thanks, too. See you next time!


LULU: I will tell them, and thank you very much for visiting me, Podcast Bunny!


Thanks for visiting with us,  Lulu! And a big thank you to David Soman, Jacky Davis, and to Lily Yengle at Penguin Young Readers for helping to make this interview possible!


LADYBUG GIRL and all of her many adventures are available right now from Penguin Young Readers.

*This post contains affiliate links. Any purchases made through these links will support the costs of maintaining the podcast, webcomic, and other materials associated with this site. 

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