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Rob Sanders (The Children's Book Podcast #442)

June 6, 2018



Rob Sanders (@RobSandersWrite) recently published his first nonfiction picture book, entitled PRIDE: THE STORY OF HARVEY MILK AND THE RAINBOW FLAG. Rob shares that this book is "just like any other book about equality", and he's not wrong, but I think the strongest quality of this book, thanks both to Rob's words and Steven Salerno's art, is that PRIDE saves space for the reader to ask questions, to study the book and the people depicted in it to see the familiar faces in all of our lives, and for the reader to understand that "gay" is not a word spoken out of hatred, but one spoken out of love and pride. As Rob shares, what started out as a book of celebration quickly revealed itself as a book of necessity.




Celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Rainbow Pride Flag with the very first picture book to tell its remarkable and inspiring history In this deeply moving and empowering true story, young readers will trace the life of the Gay Pride Flag, from its beginnings in 1978 with social activist Harvey Milk and designer Gilbert Baker to its spanning of the globe and its role in today's world. Award-winning author Rob Sanders's stirring text, and acclaimed illustrator Steven Salerno's evocative images, combine to tell this remarkable - and undertold - story. A story of love, hope, equality, and pride.









Rob Sanders is a teacher who writes, and a writer who teaches. He does not work as a telephone sales rep, a loading dock worker, a trophy engraver, or an editor. But he used to. Rob is not a cowboy, a ballerina, an alien, or a temper-tantrum-throwing toddler. But he writes about them. Rob is a picture book author, a writing teacher, a sometimes blogger, and a dog lover. He worked for fifteen years in religious educational publishing as a writer, editor, editorial manager, and product designer. These days he teaches elementary kids about books and words and reading and writing, and writes books for those same kids.


Not only does Rob write fiction, he also writes nonfiction picture books. His upcoming titles include: PRIDE: THE STORY OF HARVEY MILK AND THE RAINBOW FLAG (Random House Books for Young Readers, 2018); KNIT A HAT, TAKE A KNEE: PEACEFUL FIGHTS FOR EQUAL RIGHTS (Simon & Schuster, 2018); and STONEWALL: THE UPRISING FOR GAY RIGHTS (Random House Books for Young Readers, 2019). But he'll always write fiction too, including BALL & BALLOON (Simon & Schuster, 2019).


You can purchase Rob's books through an independent bookstore HERE.


And find Rob Sanders online at






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