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5 Questions You Need to Be Asking Yourself for Next School Year

August 8, 2019

An article I wrote for DEMCO's Ideas & Inspiration blog was recently published and I thought I'd share a preview of it with you here. I've included the introduction and 5 questions below. For a description of resources you can incorporate to address those questions, click on the link below.


"5 Questions You Need to Be Asking Yourself for Next School Year". 




That’s the word that sits at the forefront of my mind through each summer as I anticipate the coming school year.


After the busy school year comes to a close, my body takes the first week of summer break to recover. My muscles begin to relax and I stop thinking constantly about various tasks and to-dos that may or may not get done that day, tomorrow, that week, or even that month.


As I start to relax, I’m able to ponder possibilities. My mind tends to fill with questions in the form of “What if …?” These questions help me imagine what the coming school year could hold for me, for my students, and for our library program.


Our jobs are demanding, but this profession holds with it the opportunity to try something new, to engage children in learning opportunities they have never before explored, to experience possibilities, and to consider what might be possible next.


Here are five questions school librarians can be thinking about now in order to prepare for the new school year. These questions informed our library program over this recent school year and continue to be on my mind as I think about how I will support building competencies and expanding understandings of our world with our students throughout the coming year.


1. How will I align my library program to the new AASL Standards Framework for Learners?

2. What is the most economical way to support my professional learning?

3. How are my values being reflected in my library program?

4. What might it look like to challenge myself daily alongside students to build a new habit?

5. How can incorporating social-emotional learning help to better prepare my students for the world?

If you enjoyed this preview, please read the full article on DEMCO's Ideas & Inspiration blog.


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