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CLAUDIA & MOTH (Podcast Bunny Presents #2)

February 19, 2018

Hi folks! We're back with another Podcast Bunny Presents!


To those new the series, I do a lot of interviews for the Children's Book Podcast and ever since joining the team Podcast Bunny has been really excited to host some interviews of his own. It turns out he's been making friends with all sorts of wonderful main characters in his favorite picture books. Podcast Bunny conducts the interviews himself and I post them here each Monday for everyone to enjoy. You can read all of Podcast Bunny's interviews HERE.


We hope you enjoy!


Podcast Bunny Presents #2: An Interview with Claudia of CLAUDIA & MOTH by Jennifer Hansen Rolli.


PODCAST BUNNY: Hi Claudia! Thanks for inviting me over!


CLAUDIA: Hi Mr. Podcast Bunny! I like your headphones, I’ve never seen a bunny in headphones.


PODCAST BUNNY: Wow! Your paintings are all so beautiful! Do you have a favorite?


CLAUDIA: Oh, yes! The super up-close painting of the blue wing. It’s like what I see thru my magnifying glass.

PODCAST BUNNY: I know that you love to make paintings of butterflies. Do you have a favorite kind of butterfly?


CLAUDIA: Ummm....I love them them all so much, BUT, if I had to pick one I’d pick the Pipevine Swallowtail. It’s blue with orange polkadots. I’ve spied 3 in Central Park so far.

PODCAST BUNNY: Have you ever been in a butterfly garden and had a butterfly land on you? (It's pretty amazing!)


CLAUDIA: They come right by me all the time when I’m painting. I think they want me to make a painting of them! One time an Orange Sulfur landed on my paintbrush so I painted really slow…I don’t know why they call it orange because it’s definitely yellow. I like when they flutter by my eyes and try to give me butterfly kisses. In the winter we went to a museum that had an indoor butterfly garden. So pretty and the butterflies recognized me. I could only sketch there. No painting allowed…Pooh!


PODCAST BUNNY: I read a story about the time when you discovered a moth in your drawer and you painted it, but it became even more beautiful when it went out in the snow. Have you ever seen any moths since that time?


CLAUDIA: I see them by the streetlight all summer long. I’m hoping so hard they sneak into my sweaters again. I won’t paint them into butterflies, criss cross apple sauce promise, I just like the pretty patterns they nibble.


PODCAST BUNNY: Have you discovered any other animals where you live that you could paint?


CLAUDIA: I think I see a bunny I wanna paint, right now! The bunnies at the park never stay still!

PODCAST BUNNY: That moth seemed pretty special. There's even a picture of you holding the moth on the cover of the story I read. (It looks so pretty against your pink gloves!) Moths are different from butterflies, right?


CLAUDIA: Oh, yes! Moths are so fuzzy, just like you Mr. Bunny! Keeps them cozy at night. Butterflies don’t need all that fuzz, of course the sun keeps them warm. Did you know moths have feathery antennas, no cute balls on the ends like butterflies.


PODCAST BUNNY: Which do you like to paint more? Butterflies or moths?


CLAUDIA: I’m trying so hard to like painting other things, but I think butterflies will always be my favorite.


PODCAST BUNNY: Does anyone else in your family like to paint?


CLAUDIA: My dad. He has a paintbox just like the one he got me. He paints people. Portraits. It’s his side job.

PODCAST BUNNY: I wonder, did you ever give your moth a name?


CLAUDIA: Mothy Glitter Boy. I just made that up.


PODCAST BUNNY: I'm glad you made the choice you did at the end of the story. Was it hard for you to make that decision?


CLAUDIA: I thought he was going to die, but when I saw him wiggle I was so happy. I think if I painted him one more time that would not have been good.


PODCAST BUNNY: Okay, just a few more quick questions before I go.


How old are you?


CLAUDIA: 6 and 3/4


PODCAST BUNNY: Do you go to school?


CLAUDIA: I’m in first grade.

PODCAST BUNNY: What's your favorite food?


CLAUDIA: Mint chocolate chip ice cream.


PODCAST BUNNY: Who's your best friend?


CLAUDIA: Heather. She goes to my school and is a ballerina.


PODCAST BUNNY: Can I come over again sometime soon?


CLAUDIA: Can you come back tomorrow?


PODCAST BUNNY: What should we do next time I visit?


CLAUDIA: We can go to the park and you can teach me to hop really far. You could tell the bunnies not to be afraid of me.


PODCAST BUNNY: Thanks for letting me come over, Claudia. Tell Moth I said hi if you see him again. See you next time!


CLAUDIA: Oh, goodbye Mr. Bunny. You can keep the sweater! Bye Bye.



Thanks for visiting with us,  Claudia! And thank you Jenny Rolli, just because.


CLAUDIA & MOTH is available right now from Viking Books for Young Readers.

*This post contains affiliate links. Any purchases made through these links will support the costs of maintaining the podcast, webcomic, and other materials associated with this site. 

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