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Lily Williams and Emily Feinberg (The Children's Book Podcast #468)

October 23, 2018



Lily Williams (@lwbean) is the author illustrator of IF POLAR BEARS DISAPPEARED and IF SHARKS DISAPPEARED and Emily Feinberg (@EmilyFeinberg) is the children’s book editor at Roaring Brook Press. Lily's powerful and engaging approach to big ecological topics invites readers to investigate the food chain, our changing climate, and other ways we are affecting our planet and, in turn, our planet is affecting all of us. Emily’s relation to Lily’s work, her hand in forming these books, is something I found especially gratifying. I also really loved that Emily said about Lily, "She's the only person that can make dead fish look cute." This conversation has everything to do with love and trust and truth.




The freezing ecosystem in the far north of the globe is home to many different kinds of animals. They can be


Strong, like a walrus

Tough, like a lemming

Resilient, like an arctic fox


But no arctic animal is as iconic as the polar bear.


Unfortunately, the endangered polar bear is threatened with extinction due to rapid climate change that is causing the ice where it hunts/lives to melt at an alarming rate. If Polar Bears Disappeared uses accessible, charming art to explore what would happen if the sea ice melts, causing the extinction of polar bears, and how it would affect environments around the globe.







Lily Williams is an author, illustrator, and storyteller who seeks to inspire change through education. Her work covers many topics, from the trophic cascade in the award-winning animated documentary short film FINconceivable and picture books If Sharks Disappeared (Roaring Brook Press, 2017) and the If Polar Bears Disappeared (2018, 2019) to menstruation in the webcomic The Mean Magenta and upcoming graphic novel, Go With The Flow (First Second, 2019). Lily believes in the power of making information fun, educational, and accessible for all audiences.


Lily grew up in Northern California where she graduated from California College of the Arts with a B.F.A. in Animation. She spent time working in feature film animation in Los Angeles before becoming a freelance artist full time.


Residing in Denver, CO Lily can often be found dreaming about the smell of cold winter air, listening for the sound of airplanes on a rainy day, playing with her rescue rabbits (Owen and Oliver), and perfecting her waffle recipe.


Learn more about Lily at


And purchase any one of Lily WIlliams' books for you, your readers, a friend, or a library HERE.






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