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Kyle Lukoff (The Children's Book Podcast #525)

August 3, 2019




Kyle Lukoff (@Shekels_Library) is author of A STORYTELLING OF RAVENS and WHEN AIDAN BECAME A BROTHER, the latter of which was our focus in this conversation. WHEN AIDAN BECAME A BROTHER is about a trans boy who wants to make sure everything is just right for the arrival of his new sibling. Aidan considers throughout the story what growing up was like for him, the experience of trying different clothes, different pronouns, of identifying differently now then when he was younger It’s a beautiful book with the most wonderful illustrations by Kaylani Juanita and it’s one that deserves shelf space in everyone’s library. Thank you to Angie Manfredi, author of the Fat Girl, Reading blog, for connecting us.


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When Aidan was born, everyone thought he was a girl. His parents gave him a pretty name, his room looked like a girl's room, and he wore clothes that other girls liked wearing. After he realized he was a trans boy, Aidan and his parents fixed the parts of life that didn't fit anymore, and he settled happily into his new life. Then Mom and Dad announce that they're going to have another baby, and Aidan wants to do everything he can to make things right for his new sibling from the beginning--from choosing the perfect name to creating a beautiful room to picking out the cutest onesie. But what does "making things right" actually mean? And what happens if he messes up? With a little help, Aidan comes to understand that mistakes can be fixed with honesty and communication, and that he already knows the most important thing about being a big brother: how to love with his whole self.


When Aidan Became a Brother is a heartwarming book that will resonate with transgender children, reassure any child concerned about becoming an older sibling, and celebrate the many transitions a family can experience.









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