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BUNNY'S STAYCATION (Podcast Bunny Presents #1)

February 13, 2018

Hi folks! Matthew here.


I do a lot of interviews for the Children's Book Podcast and ever since joining the team Podcast Bunny has been really excited to host some interviews of his own. It turns out he's been making friends with all sorts of wonderful main characters in his favorite picture books. Podcast Bunny conducts the interviews himself and I think he's getting pretty good at it. Here's the first in what I hope will become a mainstay series. 


We hope you enjoy!


Podcast Bunny Presents #1: An Interview with Little Bunny of BUNNY'S STAYCATION (MAMA'S BUSINESS TRIP) by Lori Richmond.


PODCAST BUNNY: Hi Bunny! I don't meet very many other bunnies while I'm out collecting interviews. Thanks for inviting me over!


LITTLE BUNNY: Hello, Podcast Bunny! 


PODCAST BUNNY: I like your crown! Did you make it? How'd you do it?


LITTLE BUNNY: I made it with construction paper and tape. I wear it on my short ear because that's the one I can reach.


PODCAST BUNNY: Do you make other things?


LITTLE BUNNY: I make arts and crafts. When Mama gets a coupon to the craft store she takes me shopping.


PODCAST BUNNY: What's your favorite thing to play?


LITTLE BUNNY: I like to pretend! 



I read a story about the time your Mama went away on a business trip. I know that must have been hard, but I know you also got to have a lot of fun with your Papa. What's your favorite thing to do with your Papa?


LITTLE BUNNY: Papa works at home. Sometimes he is busy. We make art projects together and use our imaginations. Papa can be silly!


PODCAST BUNNY: Do you think he misses your Mama when she goes away?


LITTLE BUNNY: Papa misses her. I miss her, too. It’s fun when she comes back.

PODCAST BUNNY: I noticed you like to draw and make things. What's your favorite thing to draw?


LITTLE BUNNY: I like to draw pictures of my family.


PODCAST BUNNY: What materials are your favorite for building or making things?


LITTLE BUNNY: I like crayons the best because there are so many colors. Crayons smell nice. When Mama is done with a cardboard box, she gives it to me. Sometimes I sit inside it!


PODCAST BUNNY: The surprise you and Papa made for your Mama while you were on staycation was AMAZING! What did your mom think of it? (She looked kind of nervous in the story.)


LITTLE BUNNY: Mama had fun playing ‘camping’. Then she made us clean up the living room before bedtime.

PODCAST BUNNY: Have you had a staycation with Mama since she came back from her trip?


LITTLE BUNNY: We are planning a staycation in Hawaii. I want to make a volcano!


PODCAST BUNNY: Okay, just a few more quick questions before I go.


How old are you?




PODCAST BUNNY: Do you go to school?


LITTLE BUNNY: I am going to be a Kindergartener. Mama said there are crayons in kindergarten!


PODCAST BUNNY: What's your favorite food?


LITTLE BUNNY: I love Carrot-Os cereal. It’s for breakfast but sometimes I have it for snack. Mama said there is snack in kindergarten, too.


PODCAST BUNNY: Who's your best friend?





PODCAST BUNNY: Can I come over again sometime soon?


LITTLE BUNNY: Yes, please.


PODCAST BUNNY: What should we do next time I visit?


LITTLE BUNNY: We can make a staycation all the way to the moon! 



Thanks for visiting with us,  Little Bunny! And thank you Lori Richmond, just because.


BUNNY'S STAYCATION (MAMA's BUSINESS TRIP) is available right now from Scholastic Press.

*This post contains affiliate links. Any purchases made through these links will support the costs of maintaining the podcast, webcomic, and other materials associated with this site. 

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