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THE RABBIT LISTENED (Podcast Bunny Presents #3)

February 26, 2018

Hi folks! We're back with another Podcast Bunny Presents!


To those new the series, I do a lot of interviews for the Children's Book Podcast and ever since joining the team Podcast Bunny has been really excited to host some interviews of his own. It turns out he's been making friends with all sorts of wonderful main characters in his favorite picture books. Podcast Bunny conducts the interviews himself and I post them here each Monday for everyone to enjoy. You can read all of Podcast Bunny's interviews HERE.


We hope you enjoy!


Podcast Bunny Presents #3: An Interview with Taylor of THE RABBIT LISTENED by Cori Doerrfeld.


PODCAST BUNNY: Hi Taylor! Thanks for inviting me over!


TAYLOR: You’re welcome, Bunny!


PODCAST BUNNY: Wow! You've got some amazing toys! And I can tell you really love to build things. Is building your favorite thing play?


TAYLOR: Yes! Want to see me build something?


PODCAST BUNNY: Of course! What sorts of things do you usually build?


TAYLOR: I can make lots of things with blocks. Sometimes I make little houses...or a really tall tower! I can make race tracks, mazes, and even little tables for tea.


PODCAST BUNNY: Does anyone ever build with you?


TAYLOR: Sometimes my friends help. But other times, my friends just keep me company while I build by myself.


PODCAST BUNNY: I read a story about you where you built this gigantic city out of blocks but then some birds came and knocked everything down. It made me feel really sad.


Looking back on it, what was the like for you having something you spent so much time on knocked down like that?


TAYLOR: It made me feel sad too. It made me feel like I wanted to hide forever and maybe never build anything again. It was hard to think about building anything I loved that much again.

PODCAST BUNNY: Lots of animals came and tried to help you feel better, but in the end it was a rabbit who knew just what to do. I thought that was cool. Do you see Rabbit or any of the other animals anymore?


TAYLOR: The animals still come around, especially when I feel angry or sad, but I like being with Rabbit the most. We both like when it’s quiet.


PODCAST BUNNY: Are you still building things?


TAYLOR: I try to build a little every day. I do sometimes worry that things will fall down, but I’m still going to keep building-even if it’s just one block at a time.


PODCAST BUNNY: Sometimes things happen that upset me, but I just need to yell or to run around or to do something else to get me thinking about other things. How did it make you feel to have someone just be near you and listen to you?


TAYLOR: It’s hard to feel upset. It makes you feel really lonely, or like a problem everyone wants to fix or run away from. ​Rabbit made me feel like I wasn’t so alone because even if I did feel like crying or yelling, Rabbit was still there.


PODCAST BUNNY: This might be silly to ask, but do you have a favorite kind of animal?


TAYLOR: I like lots of different animals! Sloths, koala bears, manatees, and of course rabbits.


PODCAST BUNNY: Do you have a favorite thing to play?


TAYLOR: Hee-hee. Silly rabbit, blocks! Remember?


PODCAST BUNNY: Gah! Of course! I guess I was thinking about what is your favorite thing to imagine when you play. 


Are you a play-alone kind of person or a play-with-friends kind of person?


TAYLOR:  Sometimes I feel shy so I like to play by myself. But I always like to know there is someone nearby.


PODCAST BUNNY: Okay, just a few more quick questions before I go.


How old are you?


TAYLOR: I’m not sure. But I have a birthday soon!


PODCAST BUNNY: What's your favorite food?


TAYLOR: Graham crackers. I can build and eat at the same time!


PODCAST BUNNY: Who's your best friend?


TAYLOR: Rabbit!


PODCAST BUNNY: Can I come over again sometime soon?


TAYLOR: Yes. Bring your favorite toy too!


PODCAST BUNNY: I can definitely do that! What should we do next time I visit?


TAYLOR: Next time I want to listen to you talk about everything you like to play.


PODCAST BUNNY: Thanks for letting me come over, Taylor! Tell your friends I said thanks, too. See you next time!


TAYLOR: Ok! I’ll have an amazing tower waiting to show you!



Thanks for visiting with us,  Taylor! And thank you Cori Doerrfeld, just because.


THE RABBIT LISTENED is available right now from Dial Books.

*This post contains affiliate links. Any purchases made through these links will support the costs of maintaining the podcast, webcomic, and other materials associated with this site. 

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