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WE DON'T EAT OUR CLASSMATES (Podcast Bunny Presents #11)

June 20, 2018

It's summer break and we're back with another Podcast Bunny Presents!


To those new the series, I do a lot of interviews for the Children's Book Podcast and ever since joining the team Podcast Bunny has been really excited to host some interviews of his own. It turns out he's been making friends with all sorts of wonderful main characters in his favorite picture books. Podcast Bunny conducts the interviews himself and I post them here each Monday for everyone to enjoy. You can read all of Podcast Bunny's interviews HERE.


We hope you enjoy!


Podcast Bunny Presents #11: An Interview with Penelope of WE DON'T EAT OUR CLASSMATES by Ryan T. Higgins


PODCAST BUNNY: Hi Penelope! Thanks for inviting me over! Your room is awesome!


PENELOPE: Thank YOU for coming over! Bunnies are delicious! CHOMP!


DADDY REX: Penelope Rex, we do not eat our interviewers. Spit the bunny out please.




Sorry about that! I get a little excited sometimes.


PODCAST BUNNY: Wow! Well... there's certainly a first time for everything, isn't there?


I read a story about your first day of school and how you... how can I put this? ...had a difficult time adjusting. Are things better for your there now?


PENELOPE: I did have a hard time when I started school. There were a few bumps here and there... It’s hard making friends with children when they’re just SO delicious! BUT things are much better now!


PODCAST BUNNY: What's your favorite subject in school?




PODCAST BUNNY: Nice! That's my second favorite only to AV club! Have you made any friends?


PENELOPE: I have loads of friends! William Omoto comes over to my house every other Tuesday after school for a play date. I only ate him a couple times at the beginning of the school year, but we’re friends now!


PODCAST BUNNY: I'll bet you met a lot of people that like ponies ...though they probably don't like them for the same reason.


PENELOPE: Yes, ponies are delicious :)


PODCAST BUNNY: So do you like your teacher?


PENELOPE: Oh, Miss Noodleman is the greatest! Last week she had us do a project on dinosaurs and all the kids came to school in dino costumes. I felt very at home. Also, she wears fun stockings to school!


PODCAST BUNNY: How have your classmates been? Are they able to relax now? I imagine that things were a little tense after that incident where you ate all of them.


PENELOPE: Mostly. Except our class goldfish, Walter, keeps staring at me. He gives me the willies!


PODCAST BUNNY: Your dad seems really, really nice. And that advice was pretty good, too. "Children are the same as us on the inside. Just tastier." Were your dad's classmates children when he was in school?


PENELOPE: My dad is REALLY old.. like 34 or something. I don’t think he was ever young enough to go to school. BUT he does work in an office with grownup people. Mom says Dad ate his boss once and that’s why he hasn’t been promoted in a while. I don’t know what “promoted” means.


PODCAST BUNNY: What has been your favorite thing that happened this school year?


PENELOPE: This one time my mom and dad BOTH packed me lunches. I had TWO lunches! It was the best day!


PODCAST BUNNY: What are you most looking forward this year or in the school years to come?


PENELOPE: I heard that the 2nd graders in my school get to go on a field trip to the Museum of Natural History! I can’t wait to go! I think I have some relatives in the Cretaceous exhibit.


PODCAST BUNNY: Okay, just a few more quick questions before I go. How old are you?


PENELOPE: I am very nearly 6 years old.


PODCAST BUNNY: What's your favorite food?


PENELOPE: I can’t decide... I like to eat EVERYTHING.


PODCAST BUNNY: Who's your best friend?


PENELOPE: That’s a hard one. Cece Woodman, I think. We have the same favorite color!


PODCAST BUNNY: Can I come over again some time soon?


PENELOPE: Yes! I would love that! I won’t eat you next time. I promise!


PODCAST BUNNY: What should we do next time I visit?


PENELOPE: Let’s make brownies next time! I love making brownies.... Although, it’s hard to stir the batter with these tiny arms...


PODCAST BUNNY: I can totally help with that! Thanks for letting me come over, Penelope! Please tell your parents I said hi! See you next time!


PENELOPE: Bye for now!



Thanks for visiting with us,  Penelope! And a big thank you to Ryan T. Higgins, just because! 



WE DON'T EAT OUR CLASSMATES is available right now from Disney Hyperion.

*This post contains affiliate links. Any purchases made through these links will support the costs of maintaining the podcast, webcomic, and other materials associated with this site. 

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