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Search for past guests of The Children's Book Podcast. All guests are organized alphabetically by last name. 


Selina Alko (with Sean Qualls)

Hatem Ally (with Saadia Faruqi) 

Lorena Alvarez

Weshoyot Alvitre

Airlie Anderson

Danielle Anderson-Craig

Camille Andros (with Julie Morstad)

Elana K. Arnold (2019 NCTE Panel)


Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen (2019)

Mac Barnett (with Jon Klassen)

Hayley Barrett (with Juana Martinez-Neal)

Andrea Beaty

Robbi Behr (with Matthew Swanson)

Cece Bell (2020 ALA PopTop Stage with Kate DiCamillo and Shannon Hale)

Eric Bell

Manuela Bernardi (with Kathy Macmillan and Kathrin Honesta)

Ann Braden

Calista Brill (with Kenard Pak)

Martha Brockenbrough

Casey W. Robinson and Rob Broder (Ripple Grove Press)

Keith Henry Brown


Cathy Camper (with Raul the Third) (2019)

Francesca Cavallo (with Julianna Wilson)

Lauren Castillo (2018)

Nidhi Chanani (2019)

Paula Chase

Arree Chung (2018)

Raúl Colón

Jen Corace (with Ishta Mercurio)

Ricardo Cortés

Ellen T. Crenshaw (with Colleen AF Venable)


Anika Aldamuy Denise

Tomie dePaola

Kate DiCamillo (2020 ALA PopTop Stage with Cece Bell and Shannon Hale)

Alice Faye Duncan


Byron Eggenschwiler (with Kyo Maclear)

Tonya Engel


Saadia Faruqi (with Hatem Ally)

Emily Feinberg (with Lily Williams)

Debbi Michiko Florence

Julie Fogliano

Gayle Forman

Ashley Franklin


Live from the Gaithersburg Book Festival

Susie Ghahremani

Kelly Gilday (with Victoria Jamieson and Julianna Wilson)

Melanie Gillman

Karina Yan Glaser

Noah Grigni (with Theresa Thorn)

Nikki Grimes (2020)

Chuck Groenink (with Laurel Snyder)


Dean Hale (with Shannon Hale and LeUyen Pham)

Shannon Hale (with Dean Hale and LeUyen Pham)

Shannon Hale (Live at ALA PopTop Stage with Cece Bell and Kate DiCamillo)

Sarah and Ian Hoffman

Kathrin Honesta (with Kathy Macmillan and Manuela Bernardi)

Cheryl Willis Hudson (with Wade Hudson)

Wade Hudson (with Cheryl Willis Hudson)

Dallas Hunt


Nat Iwata (with Mia Wenjen)


Victoria Jamieson (with Kelly Gilday and Julianna Wilson)

Mina Javaherbin

Tiffany Jewell

Angela Joy


Sebastian Kadlecik (with Kit Steinkellner and Emma Steinkellner)

Suzanne Kaufman (with Martha Rago)

Erin Entrada Kelly (2019 NCTE panel)

Brigid Kemmerer (with Nisha Sharma) (Live at the Baltimore Book Festival 2018)

Hena Khan (2019)

Rashin Kheiriyeh

Adib Khorram

Vincent X. Kirsch

Jon Klassen (with Mac Barnett)

Jacob Kramer (with K-Fai Steele and Claudia Zoe Bedrick)

Jarrett J. Krosoczka (2018)

Torben Kuhlmann


 Jorge Lacera (with Megan Lacera)

Megan Lacera (with Jorge Lacera)

Rajani LaRocca

Irene Latham (with Charles Waters)

Francie Latour

Frané Lessac

Hilary Leung

Arthur A. Levine

Kat Leyh

Brian Lies

Elizabeth Lilly

Mariana Llanos (with Anna López Real)

Stephanie V. W. Lucianovic

Kyle Lukoff


Kyo Maclear (with Byron Eggenschwiler)

Kathy Macmillan (with Manuela Bernardi and Kathrin Honesta)

Kekla Magoon (2019 NCTE panel)

Kevin Noble Maillard (with Juana Martinez-Neal)

Angie Manfredi

Katherine Marsh (2019 NCTE panel)

Juana Martinez-Neal (with Kevin Noble Maillard)

Juana Martinez-Neal (with Hayley Barrett)

Breanna J. McDaniel

Tony Medina (Live at the Baltimore Book Festival 2018)

Ishta Mercurio (with Jen Corace)

Donalyn Miller

Pat Zietlow Miller

Sharee Miller (2019)

Raakhee Mirchandani

Amanda Moeckel and Kristen Nobles (Page Street Kids)

Oge Mora

Yuyi Morales

Julie Morstad (with Camille Andros)

Mrs. P's 10th Annual Be a Famous Writer Contest


Keith Negley (2019)


Mark Oshiro


Kenard Pak (with Calista Brill)

Linda Sue Park

Meenal Patel

Miranda Paul

Zeke Peña (with Isabel Quintero)

Alexandra Penfold (with Erin Clarke)

Daria Peoples-Riley

Celia C. Pérez

Mitali Perkins

LeUyen Pham (with Shannon Hale and Dean Hale)

LeUyen Pham


Sean Qualls (with Selina Alko)

Isabel Quintero (with Zeke Peña)


Raul the Third (with Cathy Camper) (2019)

Readers' Thoughts on Reading

Anna López Real (with Mariana Llanos)

Dr. Debbie Reese

Adam Rex (2019)

Helena Ku Rhee

Christian Robinson (2019)

Joanna Rudnick


Rob Sanders

Francesca Sanna

Gilly Segal (Live at the Baltimore Book Festival 2019)

Nisha Sharma (with Brigid Kemmerer) (Live at the Baltimore Book Festival 2018)

Sheetal Sheth

Jessie Sima (with Christian Trimmer)

Laurel Snyder (with Chuck Groenink)

Meera Sriram

Traci Sorell

K-Fai Steele (with Jacob Kramer and Claudia Zoe Bedrick)

Emma Steinkellner (with Sebastian Kadlecik and Kit Steinkellner)

Kit Steinkellner (with Sebastian Kadlecik and Emma Steinkellner)

Heidi Stemple

Nic Stone

Matthew Swanson (with Robbi Behr)

The 2020 Sydney Taylor Book Awards

The 2019 Sydney Taylor Book Awards


Thanku Contributors

Theresa Thorn (with Noah Grigni)

Christian Trimmer (with Jessie Sima)

Andrea Tsurumi



Colleen AF Venable (with Ellen T. Crenshaw)

Padma Venkatraman

Susan Verde


Joyce Wan (2019)

Charles Waters (with Irene Latham)

Rowboat Watkins (2019)

Mia Wenjen (with Nat Iwata)

Lily Williams (with Emily Feinberg)

Julianna Wilson (with Victoria Jamieson and Kelly Gilday)

Julianna Wilson (with Francesca Cvallo)


Jin Xiaojing



Elizabeth Zunon

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