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Aram Kim (The Children's Book Podcast #600)

Aram Kim (@StudioAram) shares LET’S GO TO TAEKWONDO!, a picture book that follows the same characters we met in NO KIMCHI FOR ME! into a setting not just about learning the martial arts, but also about bringing awareness to your mental health. I asked Aram if taekwondo was an interest shared from childhood. It wasn’t and, in fact it was something she spent time and experience learning. And from that comes this quote that I think introduces our conversation perfectly: “If I resist learning something new, I’m not qualified to write this book.” My friends, what Aram delivers readers is both qualified and beautiful.

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Yoomi wants a yellow belt. But she's afraid to break the board. Grandma to the rescue!

Yoomi and her friends are ready to take on the test for their yellow belts in taekwondo. But Yoomi is afraid to break a board. Meanwhile, Grandma is struggling to learn something new, too.

But Yoomi and Grandma encourage and inspire each other. Yoomi discovers how, with persistence, focus, deep breathing, and above all, a loving Grandma, even the toughest challenges can be overcome.

This companion toNo Kimchi for Meemphasizes self-confidence, determination, and the value of family. Backmatter about taekwondo, including some Korean vocabulary, is included.


Aram Kim (Website)


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