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Cathy Camper - Ten Ways to Hear Snow

Cathy Camper shares TEN WAYS TO HEAR SNOW, her debut picture book illustrated by Kenard Pak. A child named Lina heads out across a newly snow-laden neighborhood to visit her grandmother at an assisted living home and notes the sounds of snow along the way. Lina prepares grape leaves with her grandmother, as is a tradition and bond in their relationship, but her grandmother is also losing her eyesight, and so the child wants to make sure she collects as much of the snow through memory or experience as she can. Cathy’s best known for her LOWRIDERS graphic novel series. In her debut picture book, she attempts to capture the feeling that perhaps you have experienced too, of waking up in the morning and seeing that the whole world has changed. Cathy also wanted to tie her Arab-American and midwest roots into this story, centering Arab-American kids just doing regular stuff, but also in a very deliberate setting of a midwest neighborhood as a means of breaking stereotypes for readers who may have a different idea in their head when they consider stories of Arab-Americans. This is definitely one to make sure you don’t miss.

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A snowy day, a trip to Grandma's, time spent cooking with one another, and space to pause and discover the world around you come together in this perfect book for reading and sharing on a cozy winter day. One winter morning, Lina wakes up to silence. It's the sound of snow -- the kind that looks soft and glows bright in the winter sun. But as she walks to her grandmother's house to help make the family recipe for warak enab, she continues to listen. As Lina walks past snowmen and across icy sidewalks, she discovers ten ways to pay attention to what might have otherwise gone unnoticed. With stunning illustrations by Kenard Pak and thoughtful representation of a modern Arab American family from Cathy Camper, Ten Ways to Hear Snow is a layered exploration of mindfulness, empathy, and what we realize when the world gets quiet.


Cathy Camper (website)


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