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Getting Down to Details with the Soaring '20s (The Children's Book Podcast #590)

Illustration credit Isabella Kung from No Fuzzball! by Isabella Kung

The Soaring ‘20s High Flying Picture Book Debuts return for day 3 of 5, taking over this here humble podcast space! And today it’s all about the details! Writers and illustrators take in their surroundings and experiences and sometimes put it into their craft. Today a group of kidlit bookmakers is answering the question, “Are there any details in your book that have come from your life?” Illuminating us with their responses, today I’m joined by Julie Rowan-Zoch, Vicky Fang, Joana Pastro, Isabella Kung, Melanie Ellsworth, Susan Kusel, and Hope Lim. Check the link in the show notes or visit the Children’s Book Podcast on BookShop to browse any of the books featured throughout this week’s episodes. When you shop there, your books are sourced from independent bookstores across the country. It also supports the Children’s Book Podcast. And now, let’s turn it over to The Soaring ‘20s High Flying Picture Book Debuts.

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