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Hallee Adelman (The Children's Book Podcast #597)

Hallee Adelman (@HalleeAdelman) shares WAY PAST MAD and MY QUIET SHIP. Hallee’s books reflect big emotions and normalizing these big emotions we feel. WAY PAST MAD involves the quickly escalating feelings of anger and frustration when one thing after another feels like it’s working against us. Those feelings can be hard to get over, but the frustration can also be compounded when we pass those feelings on to others. Emotional intelligence is a strength afforded to some. And what a gift it is when one of those individuals helps us all to understand those big feelings that we’re feeling. 

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Whenever the yelling in his house starts, Quinn runs to a special hiding place. There he becomes captain of the Quiet Ship, where he can get far, far away from the yelling that hurts his ears and makes him feel scared. But one day the Quiet Ship is broken and Quinn needs a new plan, one that requires him to be brave. A thoughtful treatment of a difficult topic, this story is for any child who faces fighting in the home.

Keya is way past mad. Her little brother Nate messed up everything--even breakfast. She heads to school kicking rocks and sticks. When her best friend Hooper tries to help, Keya shouts, "I don't even like you." It's not true, but Hooper storms off, kicking rocks and sticks too. Keya gave him her mad Now it's up to Keya to find a different way past mad and to make things right. A relatable story that speaks to kids' emerging emotional intelligence skills.


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