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Introducing... Bookclub!

Hello my beautiful booknerds.

I am hard at work on another batch of episodes to share with all of you and I am really, really excited about what’s coming up. There is no shortage of truly stunning books being published. Books that I know will be on my shelves and on my mind for a long while. Books that I want to talk about and I want you to hear about. Books made even better by listening to the creators share how these stories came to be what we are holding in our hands or listening to in our earbuds.

Today, I’m bringing back the monthly bookclub, new and improved. For $25 you can receive one book per month from a title featured on the podcast. Books are hand-selected in partnership with Brain Lair Bookstore, ship anywhere in the U.S. (shipping included), and are also accompanied by a special Bookclub mini podcast episode available to all patrons at this tier, breaking down just what makes this book so special and set apart. You love children’s books. You love independent bookstores. You love this podcast. Let’s combine all of that into one awesome piece of mail each month that can be enjoyed over and over for many months to come.

The feature book we picked for May is HELLO, NEIGHBOR!: The Kind and Caring world of Mr. Rogers by Matthew Cordell. It’s outstanding. And if you haven’t picked it up yet, this is the perfect chance.

Visit if you feel like it’s a good fit for you and where you’re at right now. And if it’s not, sharing the podcast with friends over social media, word of mouth, or any other means still goes a long way.

Thanks. For listening. For sharing. For allowing me into your ears and your laundry folding and your dog walking and your dish washing each week. I love every minute of it.


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