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Jelani Memory and Company - A Kids Book About

Jelani Memory and company share titles from A KIDS BOOK ABOUT. Jelani is the founder of A KIDS BOOK ABOUT, an innovative company bringing difficult conversations to readers through lived experiences and #ownvoices. Taking on such topics as racism, divorce, failure, and belonging, A KIDS BOOK ABOUT is doing something different in the children’s book market and the impact these books are making on readers and reading communities, as I’ve experienced firsthand, is powerful. Today you’ll hear ten different voices representing ten different topics addressed in the A KIDS BOOK ABOUT series, why each author wrote their book, and what advice they would share to their childhood selves if given the chance. We’ll hear about RACISM from Jelani Memory, DIVORCE from Ashley Simpo, BELONGING from Kevin Carroll, EMOTIONS from Nakita Simpson, ADVENTURE from Ben Tertin, FAILURE from Dr. Laymon Hicks, FEMINISM from Emma Mcilroy, DISABILITIES from Kristine Napper, SHAME from Jamie Letourneau, and EMPATHY from Daron K. Roberts. You can browse these and even more titles by visiting A KIDS BOOK ABOUT.

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Meet A Kids Book About, a new kind of publishing company. Our mission is to help kids and their grownups have honest conversations by making books about challenging, empowering, and important topics told by diverse authors who know that topic first-hand.

Because kids are ready.



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