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Katrina Moore (The Children's Book Podcast #579)

Katrina Moore (@kmoorebooks) shares ONE HUG and GRANDPA GRUMPS. ONE HUG is Katrina’s picture book debut. It’s about what a hug can mean to someone else and speaks to the nature of hugs as a means of comfort, communication, and companionship. GRANDPA GRUMPS is about communication between generations despite a language barrier. The earnestness of the main character in this story as she tries to interact with her grandpa is something I found to be so sweet and so genuinely childlike. Each of these books is quite special in their own way, but this guest is also really special to me personally. Katrina was my first critique partner. Seeing her books published and finding them to be stories of my own heart makes me feel a special closeness to her. Perhaps you’ve shared similar feelings toward the authors of the books you love: a kinship that transcends words. I hope this conversation does that for you in some small way, too.

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As a family wakes up to begin preparing for the arrival of their immigrant relatives, the littlest girl begins to feel left out and nervous. But an encouraging brother and the welcoming arms of her grandma help end the day with a belly full of food, jars full of fireflies, and all in cozy, snuggly slumber.

From the dazzling talents of debut author Katrina Moore and illustrator Julia Woolf comes a fun, cuddly story that reminds readers how one simple hug can go a long, happy way. A perfect read-aloud to share in classrooms or at bedtime!

Soft and strong, warm and snug, What’s your favorite way to hug? Mom will SQUEEZE you like a bear; Dad will WHOOSH you through the air!

Daisy's Yeh-Yeh is visiting for the first time from China, and Daisy is so excited to meet him! She has big plans for all the fun they'll have together, like tea parties and snow angels, but when Yeh-Yeh arrives, Daisy finds him less jolly than she imagined. Throughout the week, she tries all sorts of things to get him past his grumpiness. Will she be able to make him smile before he goes home?

Kids will love this funny and heartwarming story about overcoming cultural differences and connecting across generations!


Katrina Moore (website)


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