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Seamus Kirst (The Children's Book Podcast #605)

Seamus Kirst (@SeamusKirst) shares PAPA, DADDY, & RILEY, which is illustrated by Devon Holzwarth. This book, I think, speaks to a question many of our kids ask themselves: “Is my family right? Is this how families are supposed to look?” That question is one no child should ever have to ask, but it can come up as kids form their understanding of the world. We compare. We learn. We try to figure out what’s right, what’s wrong, and what is just different from our own experience. In the case of this story, a classmate questions Riley, who is dropped off at school by her two dads. The classmate wants to know who is Riley’s mom. And the way Riley is confronted causes in her a lot of internal questioning. “But the thing that makes a family a family, as Riley’s Daddy reminds, “is…” an answer I’ll make you wait to hear. And it will be worth it!

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Riley is Papa's princess and Daddy's dragon. She loves her two fathers When Riley's classmate asks her which dad is her real one, Riley is confused. She doesn't want to have to pick one or the other.

Families are made of love in this heartwarming story that shows there are lots of ways to be part of one.


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