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Vincent X. Kirsch - From Archie to Zack

Vincent X. Kirsch shares FROM ARCHIE TO ZACK. I feel the need to be completely frank with you here. There are so many wonderful picture books out there and so many great stories of boys crushing on girls and girls crushing on boys. Some flirt with using the word “love”. Many embrace the innocent, complicated, and wholly earnest feelings we feel at a young age toward those who, often for reasons inexplicable, become the objects of our affections. But very rarely do we ever see books where a girl expresses love for a girl, or a boy expresses love for a boy. No matter what the reason, this strikes me as a great loss at reflecting the pureness of childhood look, which never needs any deeper interpretation beyond recognizing “it is what it is.” Vincent has created a beautiful book of two boys in love. Without a doubt, both boys know their love for the other. Their whole class knows and every classmate would tell you with a great big smile on their face. But also, neither boy will say it to the other. It’s a wonderful story of finding the just right words to tell someone how you feel, and also the just right courage.

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An unapologetic celebration of friendship and first crushes

"Archie loves Zack!"

"Zack loves Archie!"

Everyone said it was so.

But Archie hasn't told Zack yet. And Zack hasn't told Archie. They spend just about every minute together: walking to and from school, doing science and art projects, practicing for marching band, learning to ride bikes, and so much more.

Over the course of a few months, Archie tries to write a letter to Zack to tell him how he feels: "From A to Z." None of his drafts sound quite right, so he hides them all away. One by one, Archie's friends (Zelda, Zinnia, and Zuzella) find the letters . . . but they know exactly whom they're meant for.

This new picture book from Vincent X. Kirsch celebrates young, queer love in a whimsical, kid-friendly way.



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