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Adam Gidwitz and Emma Otheguy - The Madre de Aguas of Cuba

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Adam Gidwitz (@AdamGidwitz) and Emma Otheguy (@EmmaOtheguy) share THE MADRE de AGUAS OF CUBA, book #5 in the UNICORN RESCUE SOCIETY series, illustrated by Hatem Aly. If you have been following along with this chapter book series, you have no doubt noticed that it’s doing something a little different than the other books out there. Series frontrunner Adam Gidwitz has paired up with a different #ownvoices author for each of the books since the first sequel. The resulting titles have taken readers all around the world to explore region-specific mythical creatures while also exploring the intersection of culture and current events. The latest installment takes place in Cuba and at the hands of skilled storyteller Emma Otheguy the characters seek to rescue a mysterious creature amid a threat to the area’s water supply. As Adam would say, this book and the others in the series are filled with “serious fun”. And if this is your first entry into the series, have no fear. This book is a great starting point and catches readers up within the first few pages.

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Critically acclaimed author Emma Otheguy joins Newbery Honor-winning Adam Gidwitz as co-author of the newest adventure in the NYT bestselling Unicorn Rescue Society series as the kids travel to Cuba to help the legendary Madre de aguas.

In Cuba, it is believed that a mysterious water serpent--the Madre de aguas--is responsible for providing and protecting the fresh water of the island. But the serpent is missing, and a drought has gripped the island. Uchenna, Elliot, and Professor Fauna fly to Cuba and endeavor to rescue the Madre de aguas. Unfortunately, it tries to kill them. Meanwhile, the Schmoke Brothers' goons are driving around Havana, dumping pink sludge into the sewers. What is going on? Can Elliot and Uchenna end the drought? Stop the Schmokes? Or will the creature they are trying to save just eat them instead?


Adam Gidwitz (website)

Emma Otheguy (website)

The Unicorn Rescue Society (official website)


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