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Kidlit These Days Combats Coronavirus (The Children's Book Podcast Guest Episode)

I cohost a podcast on Book Riot called Kidlit These Days, where we examine the intersection between current events and children’s literature. It’s a lot of fun and feels like the most NPR thing I’ve ever done, which is pretty awesome in my mind. We’re about to record an episode celebrating our first anniversary of the show, but I thought I’d invite you to listen to an episode we just recorded in response to what’s on all of our minds right now. On this episode Nicole Young, that’s my cohost, and I discuss the COVID-19 pandemic through the lens of racism and social media, how the virus is impacting school kids and families, and how the kidlit community is responding. Already information is changing, but I think this conversation will give you a great light into what the show is all about, plus you’ll walk away with a bunch of resources, books, and authors related to the topic doing cool things. If you like the episode, I encourage you to subscribe to Kidlit These Days using your favorite podcast app or go to where you can listen to all 25 episodes of Kidlit These Days, ranging from topics including activism, xenophobia, and body positivity., all thru a lens of what’s going on in the world of kidlit today. Okay. Enjoy the show!

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Kidlit Combats Coronavirus (episode show notes)


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