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Rahele Jomepour Bell - Our Favorite Day of the Year

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Rahele Jomepour Bell (@RaheleJomepour) shares OUR FAVORITE DAY OF THE YEAR, a new picture book written by author A. E. Ali that takes place in a classroom where every child’s favorite holiday is celebrated throughout the school year. Do you have a favorite day of the year? I share mine in this conversation, as does Rahele. The favorite days shared by the children in this story make me smile not only for the reasons that make those days favorites, but also for the glimpse into the lives and families we see centered and honored throughout this book. It’s clear Rahele and A. E. Ali took great care to bring this story to readers.

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A heartwarming picture book following a group of boys from different backgrounds throughout the school year as they become the best of friends.

Musa’s feeling nervous about his first day of school. He’s not used to being away from home and he doesn’t know any of the other kids in his class. And when he meets classmates Moisés, Mo, and Kevin, Musa isn’t sure they’ll have much in common. But over the course of the year, the four boys learn more about each other, the holidays they celebrate, their favorite foods, and what they like about school. The more they share with each other, the closer they become, until Musa can’t imagine any better friends.

In this charming story of friendship and celebrating differences, young readers can discover how entering a new friendship with an open mind and sharing parts of yourself brings people together. And the calendar of holidays at the end of the book will delight children as they identify special events they can celebrate with friends throughout the year.



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