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Rashmi Bismark - Finding Om

Rashmi Bismark (@rashmibismark) shares FINDING OM, her debut picture book illustrated by Morgan Huff and published by Mango & Marigold Press. In the story, Anu explores the mantra Om with her much-loved grandfather Appuppa. Rashmi was drawn to writing about the southeast asian experience and reflects on the #ownvoices responsibility in communication through art in a picture book. I found it fascinating to learn about the balance between leaving space for the illustrator in a picture book as an author and the importance of communicating details in order to assure, as an #ownvoices author, an authentic representation of Anu and her Indian-American family. This attention to detail extends all the way to how Anu’s family members are sitting as the center on Om. There’s so much more to share, but I’m going to let my conversation with Rashmi do the talking.

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Finding Om is a delightful children's book that tells the story of Anu, an Indian-African girl who explores the mantra Om with her much-loved grandfather, Appuppa. Throughout this tale, Anu begins to discover methods of mindfulness that readers of all ages can learn along with her. This lovely, multicultural, inter-generational book is sure to become an essential part of learning environments and families across the globe.


Rashmi Bismark (website)


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