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Samara Cole Doyon and Kaylani Juanita - Magnificent Homespun Brown

Samara Cole Doyon (@HeartRoot_Fire) and Kaylani Juanita (@kaylanijuanita) share MAGNIFICENT HOMESPUN BROWN. This picture book is so many things and, whether you are reading it the first time or the twenty-first time, there is something new to discover with each new read. This is due in large part to the terrific balance between rich, poetic text and lushly detailed, beautiful illustrations. Samara’s and Kaylani’s combined gifts resulted in a stunning and resonant story that is, itself, a gift to read. It is a celebration of all shades of brown and the faces and families whose deep, secret brown, whose feathery brown, whose amber brown, whose radiant brown, whose magnificent, homespun brown is part of what makes them so magnificent. And because the two did not connect by voice previously, this conversation is a first connection and a shared appreciation captured on digital “film”.

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Told by a succession of exuberant young narrators, Magnificent Homespun Brown is a story -- a song, a poem, a celebration -- about feeling at home in one's own beloved skin.


Kaylani Juanita (website)


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