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We Are Little Feminists (The Children's Book Podcast #575)

Little Feminist Book Club (@Little_Feminist) team founder Britt Murlas and educational director Archaa Shrivastav join me to share the WE ARE LITTLE FEMINISTS board book series, including HAIR, FAMILIES, and ON-THE-GO. Each board book is full of beautiful photos depicting all kinds of kids and families from all different backgrounds, traditions, ages, shapes, and skin tones. The accompanying text in each book is pragmatic and joyful, creating a board book that transcends age. Seriously. I read this set of book to my 4th graders and they were transfixed! Britt and Archaa also talk a bit about the founding of LITTLE FEMINIST and how they hope the monthly book boxes from this intersectional feminist company are reaching readers of all ages.

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Our 3-board-book-bundle features photos of real families with poems to build vocabulary & connection. Created to help families & educators discuss diversity through everyday topics:

  • HAIR showcases race & ethnicity.

  • FAMILIES showcases gender, sexuality & all the wonderful forms of family.

  • ON-THE-GO showcases the many forms of mobility, ability & bodies.

Created with 0-5-year-olds in mind.


Queer Kid Stuff (youtube)


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