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Wendell Minor - Southwest Sunrise

Wendell Minor shares SOUTHWEST SUNRISE, a new picture book written by Nikki Grimes. Wendell has worked on many widely recognized books and is a longtime collaborator with several prolific authors, including Jean Craighead George, author of JULIE AND THE WOLVES, Robert Burleigh, author of TINY BIRD: A HUMMINGBIRD’S AMAZING JOURNEY, and Brenda Peterson, author of WILD ORCA. What Wendell brings to SOUTHWEST SUNRISE is a lifetime of experience as an artist and as a resident of the world and of nature. We talked about the land of enchantment and of the feeling of vibration or energy whenever Wendell is there. I felt my heart sway at his mention of feeling small under such a big sky. I hope this conversation, listener, transports you as well.

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From Children's Literature Legacy Award winner Nikki Grimes and highly-acclaimed illustrator Wendell Minor comes a stunning picture book about the beauty of the natural world and finding a new place to call home.

The beauty of the natural world is just waiting to be discovered . . .

When Jayden touches down in New Mexico, he's uncertain how this place could ever be home. But if he takes a walk outside, he just might find something glorious.

Flowers in bright shades . . .

Birds and lizards and turtles, all with a story to tell . . .

Red rock pillars towering in the distance . . .

Turquoise sky as far as the eye can see . . .

Perhaps this place could be home after all.

Gorgeously poetic and visually stunning, this story from acclaimed creators Nikki Grimes and Wendell Minor celebrates the beauty of the Southwest as a young boy sees it for the very first time.


Wendell Minor (website)


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